N.C.O.F.® Celebrity Chef “Nikki Shaw” Teams Up with NBA

N.C.O.F.® is very proud and honored to have its celebrity chef Nikki Shaw working with the NBA in its efforts to bring healthy nutrition education to its fan base. This effort to raise the level of healthier nutritional knowledge among those very individuals most vulnerable to this on-going national and international health care crisis known as “obesity” is the mission and vision of N.C.O.F.®. On behalf of the N.C.O.F.® Board of Trustees, we applaud and encourage Nikki in her tireless efforts, in concert with the NBA, to raise the nutritional awareness among all NBA fans young and old, both nationally and internationally.

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Welcome to the new NCOF blog

Guest authors from the NCOF Advisory Board will be adding articles to this site soon.

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